“The foundation management has many similarities with the prevailing Buddhist view in my country and is characterized by Eastern thought, making it different from Western management. That is not to say that we Asian female leaders are all submissive. Rather, we use a soft, ingenious form of power that offers greater flexibility and depth in governance. This approach contributes to making women’s leadership more effective and respectable, affirming our role in the world.” – Le Hoang Diep Thao, Queen of King Coffee

“The Queen of King Coffee”, the Vietnamese version of the book “The Queen of King Coffee” launched in December 2021 at Expo Dubai 2020 , is the entrepreneur’s first inspirational business autobiography. Vietnam is released in the world. The book inspires readers, especially female readers, who have the desire to rise up and affirm their position in Vietnam and the world.

“The Queen of King Coffee” is like a confession of Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao about her life and work. Throughout the book, readers will learn the practical business and management experiences that Madame Diep Thao has accumulated after more than 25 years of working in the coffee industry. How did she build a brand from zero to one, transform rudimentary ambitions into effective business strategies, develop unique coffee products, Franchise for the first time in Vietnam, building a production network with international standards, formed an extensive system to export to the global market.

The book also opens the reader to her business management strategies and principles, practical examples, and key steps that have helped her strengthen her resolve. You will not only get to know how coffee businesses are built and developed, but you will also better understand the reasoning behind each decision made; the way she reacts to threats and opportunities, as well as a woman’s natural instincts to life’s events. Many exceptional, moving stories inspire readers from all over the world, an inspiration to all women and young entrepreneurs who dream of succeeding in business.

Unique marketing tactics to make an impression on the public are also mentioned for the first time in the book’s content, such as the story through K Pop to bring Vietnamese coffee to the Korean market. The book shows her determination and efforts to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the coffee industry in Vietnam and in the world. Madame Diep Thao was one of the first to bring Vietnamese coffee to the world and proved that Vietnamese women can also become successful entrepreneurs, contributing to building the country’s economy.

With this book, Madame Diep Thao hopes to inspire young people with business aspirations and develop their careers. The book is also a valuable document for people who want to study the coffee industry, lecturers, students in the field of business and management.

All revenue from the sale of the book “The Queen of King Coffee” will be donated to the Happy Farmer Foundation to support scholarships for poor students who overcome difficulties to study well.

“I want to join hands to build a billion-dollar coffee industry for the country, and create new paths to go global for generations to come.”

“Now, with love in my heart and a strong spirit, I want to pass on to you not only the story of coffee, but also another source of motivation: Words of hope.”

– Le Hoang Diep Thao, Queen of King Coffee