The “female general” of Vietnam’s coffee, who has just been voted as the Vietnamese Entrepreneur of the Year by the UAE Magazine in 2022 – Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao – a name familiar to many lovers and businesses in the coffee field. . Overcoming the crises in life and the market, that woman has led her King Coffee brand into the brand with the largest export market share in the country and is still diligently continuing the mission of bringing Vietnamese coffee to the world. South reaching out to the world.

Coffee is both a career and a motivation to rise up

For the first time in public at a seminar called Back & Bounce, Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao shared about the basic rights of women: “With her dedication, sacrifice, When giving birth and raising children, women always need to be protected by the law so as not to be further disadvantaged. Especially for businesswomen who have started a business with their husbands and built a fortune, the law needs to be fair, so that women entrepreneurs can rest assured to devote, build dreams and realize their aspirations. husband and wife respect each other and preserve the family”.

King Coffee CEO continues to write the mission of developing Vietnam's coffee industry
Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao inspires young entrepreneurs at the Back & Bounce event on June 3, 2022.

As for the reason for her return, she shared that the mission for the coffee industry is her motivation: “I am sure that this new brand (King Coffee) will be greater and well deserved to be the present. Vietnamese brand has a truly global stature!”.

She also said that King Coffee was established in a very difficult time, but some of her partners encouraged and encouraged her to keep doing it, thanks to which she launched her own new brand full of enthusiasm. me.

Besides, she also shared about the arduous journey to regain justice for Vietnam’s Robusta coffee, whose recent achievement is a World Record for Vietnamese coffee and Vietnamese coffee culture. She said: “Of the total world coffee industry, Robusta accounts for 46%, the trade value of the whole market is 467 billion USD (in 2020). The huge advantage of Vietnam requires us to take it seriously and correct our mistakes in order to promote. On the day of receiving this record certificate, I think this is a historic moment, because Vietnamese coffee has been officially affirmed and honored!”

After many ups and downs since its founding, Mrs. Diep Thao has realized that coffee is not only her career, work, and passion, but it is also a driving force that motivates and encourages her to overcome challenges. storms in life.

Building a successful brand, with a lot of her blood and love, she also spread the spirit of rising, dynamism, confidence to master life for millions of Vietnamese women.

King Coffee’s success today is just the beginning. The brightest and most beautiful things still lie ahead and are waiting for the participation of the young generation. But starting a business is a very serious and long-term thing, you should not have a short vision that the next 5 years have something good to do. What you need to do is determine some core competencies and our ability to go long with that profession or not!

Vietnamese brands confidently welcome and integrate

Building a brand and affirming the quality of the product is difficult, but maintaining and developing in the face of market fluctuations and global development trends is even more difficult.

Therefore, Mrs. Diep Thao was not afraid to “commit”, always looking for new things and steadfast in her goal of bringing King Coffee beyond the borders of the territory.

Sharing about her changes in activity programs, Ms. Thao offers many lessons for young people such as digital transformation, super app will help businesses when entering the digital era, using Singapore Dubai portal helps businesses reach out to the world faster and stronger. If businesses target customers in the Middle East, they should use their language (Arabic).

“Go out and see the opportunities and take action,” she said. It is your achievements that create your reputation and credibility, not your speeches or quotes.”

In the period of 2021 – 2022, despite many difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the King Coffee brand still makes a deep impression in the Middle East market in general and the UAE market in particular through trade cooperation activities. and culture.

During 6 months (October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022), King Coffee was the only brand selected to represent the coffee industry and Vietnamese coffee culture at the World Expo 2020 Dubai – the event to be compared. equivalent to the “World Cup” or “Olympic” for global businessmen, held every 5 years and has a history of more than 170 years.

Also in this period, even when the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic was still complicated in our country, in November 2021, Ms. Diep Thao had a business trip to Dubai to open up international development opportunities for coffee and the industry. Vietnamese agricultural products through the Dubai gate. Ms. Diep Thao opened King Coffee’s office in Dubai and surveyed locations to open the first King Coffee shop in this market.

Up to now, TNI King Coffee DMCC company has offices in Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Tower – Dubai, UAE, opening up many trading opportunities with partners from all over the world.

For many businesses around the world, the Middle East is a particularly “fastidious” market in terms of taste and law, because imported products can only be selected when they have Halal certificates (which are products that Muslims cannot use). are allowed to eat, drink, or use and Muslims only use Halal products). To enter this market, King Coffee has achieved international standards of food, including Halal certificate.

Sharing when receiving the Vietnam Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2022 voted by the UAE Magazine, Ms. Diep Thao said that the Vietnamese brand is a valuable asset that she wants to leave to the next generation. Therefore, since the 2000s, Ms. Diep Thao has had many activities to share about brand issues; what to do to build a generation of Vietnamese brands; aspiration to have a brand of Vietnamese reaching out to the world.

Source: King Coffee CEO continues his mission to develop Vietnam’s coffee industry – People’s Deputies Newspaper (

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