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After nearly 3 months of working to unify the set of documents and criteria, in December 2021, the World Records Union (WorldKings) officially decided on the establishment of the World Record. for Vietnam’s Robusta coffee.

In order to establish, affirm and enhance the position of Vietnam’s Robusta coffee beans, TNI King Coffee  has combined Vietnam Records Institute and through Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) ). promoting Vietnamese products to the world that VietKings has deployed over the years.

Accordingly, VietKings and KingCoffe have set up and completed the nomination dossier to send to the Council of World Records Union – WorldKings with the criteria Vietnam: Coffee producing and exporting country Robusta coffee to the largest global market with the art of mixing, mixing and enjoying the world’s most unique and diverse Robusta coffee culture.

Coffee is one of the key export products of Vietnam, also the second agricultural export product in terms of turnover after rice. Therefore, the coffee industry has a very large role in the national strategic economy. The nomination of the profile to the World Records Union for Vietnam’s Robusta coffee on this occasion has made KingCoffee and VietKings’ best efforts to contribute to the promotion of the coffee industry in particular and Vietnamese agricultural products in general at a conference. One of the three largest and oldest exhibitions on the planet is EXPO Dubai.

Before setting the World Record record for Vietnam’s Robusta coffee, the Vietnam Record Organization also officially established the Vietnam Record for this special product to once again confirm the prices. value of Robusta coffee to the world.

After nearly 3 months of working to unify the set of documents and criteria, in December 2021, the World Records Union (WorldKings) officially decided to set a World Record for coffee. Robusta of Vietnam. However, due to the complicated epidemic situation, WorldKings authorized the Central Board of Directors of the Vietnam Record Association to present in Vietnam to King Coffee as the unit to coordinate the nomination of the Record at the request of VietKings. This is to create conditions for King Coffee to promote the image of the World Record for Vietnam during the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

On December 22, 2021, at King Coffe Office (161 Vo Van Tan, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) an event to announce and receive the World Record for World Records took place. Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee.

According to the announcement from WorldKings, this record was awarded to Vietnam – The country currently leading the world in production capacity and exporting Robusta coffee to the global market with the art of mixing, blending and processing. The most unique and diverse Robusta coffee culture in the world.

Information about this record, WorldKings said, currently Brazil and Vietnam are the two countries that account for the majority of the world’s coffee production. These are also two major countries supplying mainly two main types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta, to the world. In terms of total coffee production and export, including both Arabica and Robusta coffee, Brazil is currently leading the world. However, for Robusta alone, Vietnam’s Robusta coffee output is higher than Brazil’s. The statistics of coffee crop 2020-2021, Vietnam reached 1680 thousand tons with an area of ​​630 thousand hectares, Brazil reached 1212 thousand tons with 410 thousand hectares, showing that Vietnam is the largest exporter of Robusta coffee. world coffee market. With the advantages of natural conditions, especially soil, the average coffee production in Vietnam is currently the highest in the world at 2.8 tons/ha, higher than the No. data from the US Department of Agriculture 2020.

Besides production and export factors, in Vietnam, coffee is not only a drink but also considered a cultural feature. Each region has its own unique recipe. There are more and more unique creations in the art of blending Vietnamese Robusta coffee to create delicious, attractive and novel coffee cups. Those cups of coffee have been conquering many foodies, continuously entering the world’s top voted by prestigious websites. From past to present, Vietnamese people have always learned, explored and created many kinds of drinks and dishes from Robusta coffee beans with new, unique and attractive flavors to people around the world. world thanks to a very reasonable and delicate way of preparing and mixing coffee.

It can be said that, not only is the country currently leading in the production and export of Robusta coffee, all these values ​​also contribute to creating a “Coffee Culture” from coffee beans. Robusta coffee of the country and people of Vietnam, a culture with many unique, diverse and unique heritage values ​​in the world.

WorldKings believes that with the recognition of this World Record for Vietnam’s Robusta coffee, the world will know the Vietnamese coffee brand, especially Robusta coffee, and support Vietnam better, contributing to create a competitive advantage for Vietnam in the global coffee market. WorldKings hopes, Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings) – Vietnam Record Institute and King Coffee will use this record image to effectively promote  Vietnam’s Robusta coffee in Itinerary Quang Spread the essence of Vietnamese products to the world.

Before that, 2020,  5 World Records for Cuisine and Specialties successfully nominated by VietKings to the World Records Union, including:

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––         Vietnam – The country has many fish sauce dishes and dishes made from fish sauce with the most distinctive flavor in the world .

––         Vietnam – The country has many of the most attractive rice flour cakes in the world.

––         Vietnam – The country that owns the most rolls in the world.

––         Vietnam – The country that owns the most flower-based dishes in the world.

With special values, Vietnamese Robusta coffee has once again been named the World Record in the last days of 2021. This is a great pride for the nominees in particular and Vietnamese people in general. Hopefully, with this recognition from WorldKings, the position of Vietnamese Robusta Coffee will be raised to a new level in the world coffee market, and consumers around the globe will know about a type of coffee. Vietnamese delicious is Robusta.

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