Supporting 100,000 Vietnamese women to start a business is one of the three goals of the “Women can do” project organized by King Coffee and the Vietnam Women’s Union.

In parallel with business development, bringing Vietnamese coffee to conquer the international market, the King Coffee brand under the management of Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao is actively organizing and implementing companion projects to support women in starting a business. Accordingly, King Coffee will help 100,000 Vietnamese women start a business through franchising.

Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao and coach Park Hang Seo at the opening ceremony of King Coffee in Hang Bun.
Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao and coach Park Hang Seo at the opening ceremony of King Coffee in Hang Bun.

Expand business cooperation strategy

In the upcoming business strategy, King Coffee continues to carry out the mission of bringing Vietnamese coffee brand to the world, on par with multinational corporations. Besides, King Coffee also promotes exploitation of the domestic market with the goal of developing a chain of 1,000 stores. To realize this, King Coffee expands its business cooperation strategy. Since then, creating many new opportunities for individuals who want to set up their own businesses, have economic autonomy, and be self-reliant. Accordingly, you can quickly start a business in the form of a King Coffee franchise.

Buying franchises of successful brands is an effective solution for individuals who are just starting out, limited in both capital and experience. Because, instead of spending a lot of time, financial and human resources to build a new brand, you can fully take advantage of the brand’s available resources. From reputation, operating experience, management system, business methods, etc. Especially the number of loyal customers. Therefore, you only need to focus on sales to maximize revenue and maximize profits.

King Coffee always supports startups

If you want to start a coffee shop business, King Coffee is always ready to support you . With the strengths of the brand, product quality, competitive franchising costs, you can rest assured when cooperating with King Coffee. These platforms are the stepping stones to make starting your business easier.

King Coffee franchise coffee truck model.
King Coffee franchise coffee truck model.

Brand strength

King Coffee is a brand founded and led by businesswoman Le Hoang Diep Thao – who has more than 20 years of experience in coffee industry development and store management.

First launched in the US market in 2016, after 5 years of operation, King Coffee has been present in more than 60 countries, gradually asserting its position in the international arena..

In the Vietnamese market, King Coffee, although not a long-standing brand, has quickly risen to assert its name. The prestigious domestic and foreign brand awards (“Vietnam Strong Brand” in 2017, 2018,…) awarded to King Coffee are recognition for those successes. In early 2020, King Coffee was honored to be the only Vietnamese coffee brand to receive the Global Brand Awards.

Not only support, King Coffee is a place you can trust to start a business

Entering the coffee shop chain market, King Coffee was quickly received and loved by consumers. With the first store under the brand name King Coffee opened in 2018 in Pleiku citadel, Gia Lai, up to now, King Coffee has 48 shops across the country.

King Coffee with a project to support 100,000 Vietnamese women to start a business
Opening King Coffee shop in Hang Bun, Hanoi.

In particular, recently, on August 17, King Coffee opened a new store in Hang Bun, Hanoi. In the first days of operation, the store marked a remarkable development, achieving good revenue despite the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Strength in quality products

Quality products are a necessary condition for F&B businesses to survive and develop. Because this is the factor that helps to attract and retain customers. In particular, consumers are becoming more and more demanding in choosing food products and services. This requires individuals and businesses to improve quality requirements.

In addition, the F&B market in general, and the coffee shop business in particular, has a certain competition. The outstanding product quality is the foundation for business individuals to create their own advantages.

King Coffee brings quality coffee

King Coffee with a project to support 100,000 Vietnamese women to start a business
King Coffee is highly appreciated for its taste and product quality.

With King Coffee, coffee quality is the core value. Researched and developed by a team of experts with more than 20 years of industry experience, King Coffee’s products have proven to be of outstanding quality. Coffee beans are selected from famous raw material areas. In these raw material areas, coffee is grown according to organic methods not only to improve yield and quality of beans but also to ensure sustainable values.

Post-harvest coffee is processed according to the world’s leading technological process. The product created thus not only has the unique and delicious taste of King Coffee, but also achieves food safety indicators, meeting strict standards for export to demanding international markets.

With outstanding coffee quality, King Coffee gradually conquers Vietnamese taste. The positive reviews about the taste and product quality are the clearest evidence for the quality of King Coffee coffee.

Strength in competitive franchising costs

Compared to many comparable brands in the market, the cost of franchising King Coffee is considered to have a competitive advantage. Therefore, the franchisor will not have to spend a lot of money. Even with only a small amount of capital, individuals can still do business under the King Coffee brand. King Coffee is currently welcoming new members, accompanying and developing and expanding the chain of stores across the country.

CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao at the opening ceremony of King Coffee Hang Bun.
CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao at the opening ceremony of King Coffee Hang Bun.

In June, King Coffee and the Vietnam Women’s Union coordinated to organize the launch program of the “Women can do” project. Through this project, King Coffee wishes to support at least 100,000 women across the country to start a business with a capital of only VND 5 million. This promises to create a “wave” of business startups across the country.

With a cost of only VND 5 million, franchisees will be fully supported in terms of personnel, products, store design and branding. When the store goes into operation, King Coffee is also ready to support and advise in all aspects, making business more convenient.

In addition to support, King Coffee offers a lot of benefits when you start a business

Specifically, when doing business under the King Coffee brand, franchisees will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Available and stable customers have been using King Coffee’s products.
  • Received the recipe.
  • Availability to import quality coffee.
  • Supported to build the store concept in accordance with King Coffee’s standards. There is more space to sell the company’s products. Guests coming to King Coffee can not only enjoy coffee at the shop, but also buy products to enjoy at home or give to friends and relatives.
  • Support marketing and advertising activities.
  • King Coffee always accompanies the shop during its operation through monthly reports from the franchise monitoring department. King Coffee is willing to share management experience, business experience as well as organize training and coaching activities. Therefore, even if you are a newcomer to this field, you can rest assured to operate and develop your business.
  • King Coffee provides franchisees with important information to support shop management and increase revenue such as: hot-selling, slow-selling; appropriate marketing strategies; The situation of service personnel at the restaurant,…

Owning a small amount of capital is still a way for individuals to start a successful business. Through the form of business franchising, King Coffee hopes to support 100,000 Vietnamese women to start a successful business starting with a capital of 5 million VND.

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