Seeing Covid 19 as a push to purify the market, Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao, a businesswoman born in 1973, the founder of King Coffee brand is welcoming new opportunities for 2021 to the coffee industry. Vietnam


Mrs. Le Hoang Diep Thao said

“After a year of 2020 that was too challenging for the economy, our GDP grew by 2.91%. Although this is the lowest increase in the recent decade, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. complicated variable, this is a great success, in the group of the highest economic growth in the world.

In particular, thanks to the success in preventing the Covid-19 epidemic, the national brand value has been raised. Accordingly, Vietnamese brands and Vietnamese businesses are also a priority choice among countries in the same region.

The efforts and success of 2020 are a good premise for the country in general and businesses like TNI King Coffee to enter a new phase, welcoming a new opportunity.

For < strong>TNI King Coffee, this is the brand that I devote all my heart to, containing the values ​​that I have built during more than 20 years of building and developing Trung Nguyen coffee brand. . I am consistent with my goal and biggest aspiration: Bringing Vietnamese coffee to the world, building a Vietnamese brand with a global stature.


Despite the volatility of the global economy due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we continue to boost our exports and increase our presence in the Vietnamese market. In the roadmap to build a national brand, we not only upgrade products, diversify products according to the needs of each major market, but also actively transform ourselves to diversify distribution channels through e-commerce and online shopping systems. Global Agent Network system.

The activities of the Happy Farmers Fund will also promote more new target groups outside of households with the big goal of improving the livelihoods of coffee farmers, women, children, and vulnerable communities with practical and focused strategies to gradually increase the selling price and quality of agricultural products.

The Women Can Do project – supporting 100,000 Vietnamese women we are cooperating with the Vietnam Women’s Union will continue to be promoted in Vietnam and replicated in the world. The Women Can Do project is a fishing rod for women to stand firm for their livelihood problems to help them confidently take control of their lives.”

In your opinion, what are the opportunities and challenges for King Coffee this year, as well as the coming years?

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused huge losses not only in lives but also significantly damaged the global economy. The disruption of the global supply chain affects not only businesses, but also people’s lives between countries around the world. Particularly for coffee, total industry output fell 15% in the last crop year, but total output and value still maintained 2.2% momentum.

coffee queenMrs. LE HOANG DIEP THAO

With Covid, I see this as a push to purify the market, promote businesses to accelerate their own transformation to improve product quality, eliminate amateur manufacturers and surfers. . The players with enough strength, enough mind, enough range will continue to stay with coffee; live and together with us improve the value of Vietnamese coffee beans.

Even during the pandemic, dynamic and creative businesses have found their own paths and breakthroughs. That is also my motto during the 25 years of doing business in this coffee industry.

I think and find ways to find “opportunities” in “dangers”, solve the problem of redundant labor market, and microeconomic need to be promoted. This is the basis for us to rapidly develop a team of global sales collaborators (Global Agent Network) to take advantage of the free time and existing relationships of people at home to avoid the epidemic, creating models. Franchise, new partnership, Women Can Do innovation… We want to inspire society to bounce back stronger after the crisis.

Understanding, and accompanying Vietnamese Coffee for the past time, according to her, where is the strength-the core value that makes the difference for Vietnamese coffee? ?

Vietnam is the world’s leading Robusta exporter in terms of output and quality.

As one of the countries in the coffee belt, we are favored by nature in terms of climate, soil, and altitude suitable for coffee cultivation. Especially Robusta, the type of coffee that is present in more than 90% of the coffee cups that people around the world drink every day.

Vietnamese people have a unique culture of enjoying coffee even though coffee has only been present in Vietnam for more than 160 years, especially filter coffee, iced milk coffee, egg coffee.

Coffee quality, gu Vietnamese coffee is rich in flavor, bold in flavor. The bitterness of Robusta beans, the slimness when making a coffee filter and the close atmosphere that connects friends every time they “go to coffee” is the Vietnamese character, the Vietnamese soul that helps us make a difference when compared with Vietnam. other foreign brands.

We also have farmers who love their job. They see coffee as their life, devoting themselves to coffee beans.

These are the strengths that help form a Vietnamese coffee culture.

My aspiration is that if Italy has Spaghetti, Korea has Kim Chi, then Vietnamese coffee and bread will be the must-try option for any international tourist coming to Vietnam.

It’s hard to be in charge of a hundred billion enterprise, even more difficult for a trillion, you are currently in charge of the leading enterprise in the field, what is the pressure of this on you? 

I’ve started a business many times from Trung Nguyen, G7 to now is King Coffee, doing this job of a captain or “holding the wheel” is both an honor of life and a lot of pressure and challenges. huge.

The biggest pressure, much bigger than money, is the pressure on people. I have a responsibility to ensure a livelihood, a life for my associates, those in the same boat who have trusted me. During the most difficult times of the Covid pandemic, the first thing I think and want to commit to is how to make my employees still maintain full employment and social welfare.

Perhaps thanks to that, the associates have worked together to create the rapid growth of TNI King Coffee in the past year, expanding from 60 markets to 120 markets worldwide.

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