HCMC, December 22, 2021- TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that Vietnamese Robusta coffee has been certified as a World Record by the World Records Union (WorldKings).

Contents that brought the World Record for Vietnamese Coffee, including:
Vietnam: the country that produces and exports Robusta coffee to the largest global market in terms of output and productivity.
Vietnam’s coffee making culture: heritage values ​​of the most unique and characteristic barista art (Ede coffee, Racquet coffee, Phin coffee)
The art of mixing and enjoying Vietnamese coffee: the most diverse, creative and unique through drinks and dishes very typical of Vietnam (egg coffee, iced milk coffee…)
Speaking at the announcement ceremony, Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao – CEO of TNI King Coffee said: “This can be considered the most special event of the Vietnamese coffee industry. Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans have been recognized as a World Record – it’s the property of the country, belongs to the nation and all the people of Vietnam!”
Mrs. Diep Thao also said that after this ceremony, she will have the next business trip at Dubai Expo to promote Vietnamese coffee. King Coffee will cooperate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize Vietnam National Day 30/12/2021 and Vietnam Coffee Week lasting 7 days, starting from December 29, 2021.
In the paradox of the coffee industry, almost people only talk about Arabica coffee, while Robusta coffee is used to 40% even 60-70%. “When standing in the role of Vice President of the Association, I always remind myself what to do to let the world know about Robusta, how good Vietnam Robusta is. We have to do many activities to change the minds of many people in this industry, the World Record for Vietnamese Robusta Coffee is an example,” said Ms. Diep Thao. “In terms of output, Vietnam is the world’s leading, in terms of quality, I go to convince all the coffee growing countries that we have coffees made from our own coffee but mixed with coffee. very delicious, like egg coffee, iced milk coffee, etc. and many other very special coffees.”
According to Ms. Diep Thao, the potential of the coffee industry is huge. Because coffee is a drink that is universally popular, coffee is available everywhere and at any time people drink coffee, without borders, races, religions, countries. “Vietnam is an agricultural country, but any agricultural industry that can build a brand, universalize it, can bring out the culture of that product and build that culture out to the world as a pride is coffee!” – she emphasized.

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