At the end of December 2020, at the Vietnam Pavilion, Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao, founder and CEO of TNI – King Coffee released her autobiography about her business. The inspirational book “The Queen of King Coffee” has attracted great attention both nationally and internationally. It was released in English, and is expected to be translated into many other languages in the near future.

Today’s article, invite you to explore the content of this interesting book with TNI!

The birth of “The Queen of King Coffee”
As one of the leading female leaders in Vietnam, Ms. Thao released her autobiography for the first time. Experiencing many ups and downs, the “female general” wishes to tell about her own life as a memory.

At the same time, it also helps interested people better understand the extraordinary business journey she has achieved. The book clearly shows that Ms. Thao was the one who laid the foundation for a drastic change in the coffee industry. It is revolutionary, bringing the “coffee king” brand up, reaching out to the world.

She has dedicated her life to bringing Vietnamese coffee to the international market, which has only accepted Robusta for decades. They have not yet recognized the value of this coffee bean, so Ms. Thao always tries to raise their awareness, helping them to see the richer taste of Robusta coffee.

“The Queen Of King Coffee” – The first comprehensive business manual of a Vietnamese businesswoman

The book “The Queen of King Coffee” is the business manual of the “female general” of the coffee industry

“The Queen of King Coffee” shares in detail the lessons of management and business in practice by Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao. As the founder and CEO of King Coffee, she wants to inspire all women.

The publication is like a comprehensive business manual that the author sends to his readers. Encapsulating this book, Ms. Thao believes that you will learn up to 25 years of experience and business principles that help her succeed.

With a successful development process when going up from just a simple coffee shop in the late 1990s. Over the decades, the strong brand has become a corporation specializing in producing and exporting coffee to more than 60 countries. family. This proves that Ms. Thao’s manual is worth learning, and is a valuable lesson for today’s young entrepreneurs.

It’s time to see coffee as a strategic economic sector

Ms. Diep Thao said that it’s time to see coffee but strategic economic sector

Speaking at the book launch ceremony, Ms. Thao said that she was still very concerned, wondering, looking for solutions. Because, almost everyone in the world is drinking Vietnamese coffee but completely unaware of it.

Vietnamese coffee is gradually dominating the global market with improved quality. Therefore, the publication “The Queen of King Coffee” is also one of the ways that Ms. Thao wants to emphasize the issue.

The problem is that it is time to consider coffee as an important strategic economic sector of the whole country of Vietnam. The aim is to find a way to promote Vietnamese coffee around the world as a strong pride.

Record of Vietnamese coffee
Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao has dedicated her life to the mission of bringing coffee to the world. She helped her hometown’s coffee beans achieve many World Records Union records. Specifically, the award talks about Robusta coffee beans and Vietnamese coffee culture.

The recognized contents are also very broad, including that Vietnam is the largest producer and exporter of Robusta coffee in terms of production and productivity in the world. In addition, there is also content of heritage values of typical and unique brewing art, such as Ede coffee, racquet coffee, filter coffee, etc.

Besides, the art of mixing and enjoying diverse and creative Vietnamese people was also honored. People around the world admire and admire the rich Vietnamese coffee drinks such as egg coffee, iced milk coffee, etc.

Finally, Ms. Thao is also the person who has brought 4.0 technology to local coffee farmers. She is willing to promote coffee production so that the industry thrives now and in the future.


The female CEO is also the bearer of many honorary awards for the Vietnamese coffee industry

As well as the direction of developing its unique King Coffee brand, the publication “The Queen of King Coffee” is also released in English first. However, in the near future, after conquering the world monopoly, she will translate into Vietnamese and many other languages.

Currently, the English version of “The Queen Of King Coffee” is available on Amazon’s global e-commerce systems. Hopefully, you have more attractions and a brief overview of the book, if you are interested in business as well as the coffee industry, don’t ignore this good book!

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