A meaningful journey with more than 500 km along the mountain range to return to the homeland.

Ten thousand eyes, ten thousand hopes, one future

Ira Hrung, Ia Sao and Ia Pech in Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province are the three communes that grow the most coffee in Gia Lai province. Although the life of farmers has improved, there are still many difficulties and shortages. At the time of freezing cold on the red soil highlands, the TNI King Coffee volunteer group together with the ministries of Ia Grai district jointly implemented the program Send Warm to You, with the desire to partly share the cold and share. warmth and love to the students and farmers in the commune. The program aims to give 1000 warm coats to primary and secondary school students. At the same time, the Union also gives coffee gifts to farmers.

On the morning of December 18, 2020, the car rolled on the familiar red earth road, passing through the vast forests, the coffee fields are drunk with red berries – signaling a harvest season is approaching. Ia Sao was the first destination, the delegation was welcomed by a simple smile, a sympathetic look full of hope mixed with the typical gentleness of the people here. Many relatives and students have been waiting since the early morning, the lines are neat.

The delegation had the opportunity to sit down to visit the local people and their learning through the local leaders, principals, and teachers. People are listened to more concerns, the wish of the leader is how to help increase income for people so that they can live better.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Chairman of Ia Sao commune said at the program: “We have a saying: “Giving something is not equal to giving” – The delegation came very early to prepare carefully, properly and properly. so that each coffee gift that our relatives receive is not only material but also the love and meaning of Vietnamese people to each other. We appreciate things like that.”

The image of each gift bag is carefully prepared for you

Following that, CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao – General Director of TNI King Coffee , co-owner of Trung Nguyen Group shared at the event with many emotions: “Warm clothes will not only help children with cold, but also move them. force them to strive to go to school. Coffee gifts are not only a spiritual gift, but also for the people of the growing area to understand and enjoy the finished products from the coffee trees that they take care of every day. They will understand that their sweat is cultivated by us into shape, raising the bar to enhance the value; You will understand that we have been working together with farmers to carry out the mission of making coffee the spearhead of national agriculture, bringing Vietnamese coffee to the world. We hope everyone’s heart to share and contribute to the homeland will be accepted by everyone.”

A great desire

To ask everyone: “What is the most meaningful thing about this trip?”, the group believes that together they will give an answer, which is to see the endless eyes of thousands of children. Those eyes are innocence, purity and it is also a strong energy that urges the team to do something for the children, more, more practical.

The warm coats, although simple in form, are not fussy in design but it is sure, it is sewn with devotion in each stitch, just enough to cover the cold and wind for the children. The shirt and the friend followed the children to school, went to the fields with their parents, and played with them. Each warm shirt is the protection and encouragement of the group sent to the children so that they will be more stable. They will grow up and bring with them nostalgia, youth, and wisdom to build, build and glorify the new country. Doan believes that planting a seed of love will help that value germinate, grow and connect with each other, creating the future together.

TNI King Coffee (TNI) was built from people who have a heart for Vietnamese coffee, including Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao – the son of the great thousand, of the majestic mountains, of the pride of the land. water. Madame is not only the founder of the brand but also the one who inspires and spreads the spirit of Vietnamese Coffee to all employees.

Madame initiated the establishment of the Happy Farmers fund with the responsibility of providing practical support, improving the livelihoods and crop quality of farmers. The charity program “Send Warm To You” was organized by TNI within the framework of the Happy Farmers fund. Sending Warm to You is also a bridge for TNI to come closer to deepen the life of coffee farmers, especially the study of their children, first of all, Gia Lai – the coffee capital of Vietnam. male.

The Journey to Send Me Warmth in 2020 has ended with a happy and emotional ending. The delegation will then return to Gia Lai land very soon, leaving once again planted with happiness, connecting good things together. Send Kettle To Me in the future is oriented to become an annual activity and expand nationwide to contribute to improving the lives of coffee farmers.

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