Vietnam’s coffee market is thriving with a unique coffee culture that has existed for hundreds of years. The country is the world’s largest exporter of high-quality robusta coffee. The local coffee industry benefits from a young and dynamic population that likes to follow trends and try new experiences. The 2020 pandemic has prompted the Vietnamese government to support local coffee companies to recover and increase their export production. In addition, people’s drinking habits are shifting from tea to coffee, and more and more people prefer to enjoy their coffee in cafes and restaurants rather than at home.

As a result, more and more coffee chains have emerged in the Vietnamese coffee market, expanding their business and diversifying their marketing tactics to attract customers. King Coffee is a leading Vietnamese coffee company that offers a wide range of products, including instant and roasted coffee with different flavours and blends. The company’s products meet different customer needs and are known for their quality and taste.

Today, the Vietnamese coffee market is highly competitive, with many suppliers vying for customers’ attention. This has led to various challenges, including the difficulty of convincing loyal customers to switch to another brand or flavour. In addition, the market is saturated with coffee chains and stores, making it difficult for new entrants to establish themselves. The industry also struggles with rising production costs and fluctuating coffee prices, which affects the profitability of coffee companies. Under the guidance of an experienced Vietnamese coffee industry expert – Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao – King Coffee has quickly established itself in the competitive coffee market by constantly researching and expanding its product lines. Although it has been difficult to convince loyal customers to switch to its own brand, King Coffee has successfully caught up with the major coffee giants and competes directly with them.

The brand has gained international recognition by exporting Vietnamese coffee to over 120 countries, including the largest supermarket system in the United States with 622 stores. King Coffee has been selected by renowned international partners such as Cosco, Carrefour, LuLu Hypermarket, Amazon, and Alibaba, with a solid presence on Alibaba’s T-Mall, where the brand has quickly become one of the top four best-selling brands since entering the Chinese market in March 2017. The year 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of King Coffee’s return to the Vietnamese market, highlighting the brand’s impressive growth and significant impact on the global coffee industry.

“King Coffee’s efforts have contributed to Vietnamese coffee being recognized as a world record holder for its production, quality, and cultural values,” says Madame Diep Thao, Founder & CEO, King Coffee. King Coffee’s extensive product line includes many categories: Instant Coffee, Roasted Coffee, Whole Bean, Ready to Drink, Teavory, and more.

Each offering a range of different flavours and blends to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of coffee fans. To enhance the customer experience, King Coffee provides various communication channels, including a hotline, email, website, and social media for customers to contact and make inquiries.

The company places a high priority on handling customer inquiries quickly and efficiently and ensuring that all customer requests are met promptly and satisfactorily. In addition, King Coffee has created the three best franchise models LUXURY CAFE, PREMIUM CAFE & GRAB & GO CAFE to make it easier for everyone to access a cup of good coffee and make contacts. The trusted Vietnamese cafe King Coffee is looking for aspiring cafe owners to expand the brand internationally. The company has a supportive franchise management system and support team to work with franchisees for mutual success.

King Coffee Cafe Franchising currently has more than 50 stores and 15 franchisees throughout Vietnam. Globally, three countries – the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, and Pakistan – have received King Coffee master franchisees and more countries have expressed interest in becoming part of the King Coffee family. Potential franchisees are advised to consider this franchise opportunity if they are looking for a solid business model that has already proven itself through its business model, food and beverage quality, distinctive branding, strong following, and, most importantly, the success of individual franchisees.

King Coffee has also launched the King Coffee Super App, a multi-functional application that allows customers to access information, store, and take advantage of special offers and policies. With this app, users can conveniently purchase King Coffee products and have them delivered to their homes quickly. “As a leading coffee brand in Vietnam, King Coffee is proud to promote Vietnamese Robusta coffee by sharing the country’s coffee culture and unique barista art,” said Madame Diep Thao.

  • King Coffee is a passiondriven organization that believes in providing its customers with the highest quality coffee products” Le Hoang Diep Thao, Founder & CEO shared

Ruler of International Coffee Culture

King Coffee is a passionate company that offers its customers coffee products of the highest quality. The company’s mission is to elevate the Vietnamese coffee industry by creating a global brand that represents Vietnam’s unique culture. This mission is driven by the team of experts King Coffee has assembled who share a passion for coffee and a deep commitment to quality. King Coffee’s team consists of coffee experts, including master roasters, baristas, and coffee tasters.

The company’s marketing and sales team is also critical to the company’s success. It takes advantage of every opportunity and ensures that its products are available to customers anytime and anywhere, both through its online store and in stores. King Coffee’s instant coffee, has been named the world’s best instant coffee for six consecutive years, and its ground coffee is known for its rich aroma and distinctive taste.

King Coffee has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the top 10 most prestigious beverage companies in Vietnam, the TOP 10 strong brands in Vietnam 2021-2022, the fastest-growing coffee brand in the international market, the most famous coffee brand in Vietnam, the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021, and the fastest growing Vietnamese coffee brand in the UAE market 2022. Recently, the Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee awarded King Coffee the Certificate of Merit for its outstanding achievements in charity and social activities over many years (2019 – 2022).

The founder of King Coffee has a vision for Vietnamese Robusta coffee to become an iconic brand with a global presence and not just a raw material for coffee blends. To achieve this, the company aims to continuously learn and innovate, using technology such as the King Coffee Super App to reach millions of users and sell Vietnamese products to every corner of the world.

Le Hoang Diep Thao, Founder & CEO

Le Hoang Diep Thao is the visionary CEO of King Coffee; she has played a pivotal role in transforming the company into a global brand and is committed to promoting Vietnam’s coffee industry internationally.

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